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NINC MEDIA - Film & Design - Wien

Dienstag, 05 August 2014 15:33
Juliet Brickell

Ich weiß es nicht. Okay. Schulterzucken. Leises Lachen. Lautes Lachen. Die Tischplatte ist mein Freund. Thumbs up, everyone!

Vehicles // Web Design Inspirations

So most of the vehicle websites looked at were of course different car websites, and the one I had most fun with is the new Mercedes E class website where one can create a soundtrack with the sound of the car and loads of other different sounds for example bits of Tinie Tempah, it's super fun and entertaining and will definitely keep a client hooked to the website for a while.. The other websites looked at included Bentley, Trail Jeep, Robstep (which is basically a segway) Maserati, Wiesmann and Princess Yachts. Robstep is basically a segway, I've never been on one and I don't plan on ever using one but this thing has two wheels and a platform. The website is easy to use, and it offers a bit of interaction with the customer. The toolbar scrolls down with one and takes you to different website sections which is useful and less work for a customer having to scroll down down down... The Trail Jeep website is also easy to use, sticking to simple colours, even though they are orange/black/grey it doesn't really remind one (me at least) of halloween... A customer has the choice of scrolling down through the whole website or jumping from one section to the next with the toolbar which scrolls down with one. I have to say that I was personally disappointed with the Bentley website, you have the toolbar which sticks to the top of the website and opens a new window for each option you click on, then when scrolling down it takes forever, there's a slow motion scrolling speed or something and I'm not a fan of those.. Perhaps it's a bit too simple? The Maserati website is very plain and easy to use, perfect for the clientele the company is probably trying to attract, very simple and elegant people. It's easy to navigate around the website with the toolbar and one can't do much scrolling, if there is something to scroll through though the toolbar is always right there and ready to be clicked. Wiesmann is nice looking as well, it looks like the bottom half is a bit cut off by the footer but otherwise it's simple to use, the colours are also friendly to the eye and you can't get lost. The Princess Yacht website makes me want to rent a yacht straight away, the website is super easy to navigate around and the blue and white colour combination fits well together, it's easy to sign up for a newsletter which is a bonus for the yacht company as this is something very important for marketing, updating clients on the latest news and offers perhaps. There's a little "more" button at the bottom of the page, which scrolls one through sections, on this website as well the toolbar stays on the page when scrolling down. All in all the websites were great, some disappointments others more fun and entertaining.

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