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Music video Produktion : Cocktail Raiders - Goad and Conviction, Vienna 2011

The Viennese band COCKTAIL RAIDERS, when finally in Vienna with their spaceship Sleazy Lilly, have been rocking various clubs and stages with their future space cowboy country rock for a couple of years now. The band cultivates a talked about conceptual style of a group of Space Cowboys and their wanderings, murder and failure in an equally cruel and seedy universe.


In 2010 we decided to produce a video clip with them to the song "Goad and Conviction", not only because we liked the music but also because of how the subject would look like in visual terms with science fiction series like Firefly (serenity) can be compared. Spaceships, Space Cowboys, fuming colts drinks from dirty glasses and a bit of blood and distruction.


We show ourselves responsible for varios phases in the music video to Goad and Convitions, from the story to the product design all the way to post production. The filming took place in August 2010 in an old gravel pit on the outskirts of Vienna, Austria and was completely filmed by our film crew in two days. The following preparatory work like the 3D Design of the space ship, Sleazy Lilly, the preperation shots, the 3D tracking of the sequences as well as the finalization of the music track by the Cocktail Raiders took its time. The variations and designs of the spaceship you can find on our NINC! BLOG.

At the end we managed to pull through and finish the post production within seven days as well as the corrections. Here we'd like to thank RenderPal ( as we received licences for our renderfarm through the sponsorprogram , which greatly facilitated the calculations of 3D animations and compositions and shortened the render times immensely. Especially in the 3D/Video work flows the calculations are harder due to the complex animation sequences, which wouldnt be possible without the power of lots of render nodes.


On top of this we decided that even though the music video was already quite complex we should install another element, this being mountains and variations of clouds to expand the planets backdrop. This may not have been the wisest time to decide this during the production planning but it just looks so good, what can one do... anything to make it look better!


Facts: COCKTAIL RAIDERS - Goad and Conviction 2010 / 2011 Cast / Cocktail Raiders: Johannes Feigl Johannes Auly Thomas Dite and Herbert Macheiner
Director: Philipp Hummer // Director of Photography: Christoph Öhler // 2nd Camera: Michael Wolschlager // Camera Assistance: Manuel Bräuer // Editing: Christoph Öhler // 3D Animation: Philipp Hummer / Michael Wilhelm // Compositing: Christoph Öhler / Michael Wilhelm // Visual Effects Team: Christoph Öhler / Michael Wilhelm / Philipp Hummer // Rotoskoping: Johannes Feigl // Sound Design: Johannes Feigl // Costume Design: Stefanie Schaffer Ship Design: Philipp Hummer // Production Design: Christoph Öhler / Philipp Hummer // Design Consultant: Rainer Atzlinger // Documentation: Verena Zangerle // Support: Lisa Soos // Best Boy: Vincent Macheiner

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