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Dienstag, 19 August 2014 13:33
Juliet Brickell

Ich weiß es nicht. Okay. Schulterzucken. Leises Lachen. Lautes Lachen. Die Tischplatte ist mein Freund. Thumbs up, everyone!

Face Tracking, Say What?

Have a look at this amazing video on real time face tracking and projection mapping, it's bound to blow your mind! It's truely amazing how creative and talented people are and what one can come up with.. for example this face tracking video, in my opinion it's amazing I'd love to create something like it but I wouldn't even know what to do haha..


Tracking points were placed on the face and the animations played, the types of animations picked//created to run on the face are truely amazing, transforming a geisha into a robot into a pool of liquid and lots more...




software we love oneline 02

software we love oneline 01