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This is us.

about ninc team christoph oehler

Christoph Öhler

Gesellschafter / Video Produktion

Videoproduktion, Compositing, Visual FX, Webdesign
email: [email protected]

my TOP 5 Stecker:

1) Firewire (6-polig)
2) XLR (3-polig)
3) Komponentenkabel
4) Scart
5) S-Vhs

my Top 5 Funny Movie Scenes

1) the Camel Scene (Conan)
2) Speaking Spell (Army Of Darkness)
3) Birthday Scene (Sitcom)
4) Rum Scene (Pirates)
5) Indy vs. Assassin (Indy 1)

Team // Juliet Brickell

Juliet Brickell

Support, Fotografie

Support, Web, Fotografie
email: [email protected]

my TOP 5 Vampirfilme:

1) Interview with The Vampire
2) Dracula
3) Let the Right One In
4) Dance of The Vampires
5) Nosferatu

my TOP 5 Books:

1) Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo
2) Lullabies for Little Criminals
3) The Bell Jar
4) The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
5) This Book will Save Your Life

about ninc team rainer holzapfel

Rainer Holzapfel


Programmierung, Applikationsentwicklung

email: [email protected]


my TOP 5 android apps:

2) IMDb
3) My Tracks
4) AppBrain
5) Barcode Scanner

my TOP 5 AC/DC songs:

1) Whiskey On The Rocks
2) It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock N'Roll)
3) You Shook Me All Night Long
4) High Voltage
5) Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

about ninc team johannes feigl

Johannes Feigl

Sound Design

Sound FX, Audio Production

email: [email protected]

my TOP 5 song-titles:

1) bulbul - the songs name
2) murder by death - holy lord, shawshank redemption is such a good movie
3) john frusciante - your pussy's glued to a building on fire
4) frank zappa - dickie's such an asshole
5) les claypool - what would sir george martin do

my TOP 5 german english words:

1) to schlep
2) -meister
3) gesundheit
4) leitmotiv
5) kaputt

about ninc team markus oehler

Markus Öhler


Spezifikation, Backendprogrammierung Serveradministration
email: [email protected]

my TOP 5 Eclipse plugins:

1) Subversive
2) Anyedit Tools
3) FileSync
4) Mylyn
5) Atlassian IDE Connector

my TOP 5 russian expressions:

1) Это курам на смех
2) Где сдача?
3) Я устал, я хочу спать!
4) Не курить!
5) Холодно?! Одень шапку!

Reach Us!

Reach NINC webdesign : video : 3D Wien

NINC! - webdesign : video : 3D

Lindengasse 36 1070 Wien, Austria

festnetz: +43-1-961-14-21
mobile 1: +43-676-688-1099
mobile 2: +43-676-598-2272

eMail: [email protected]
Skype: nathaninc

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